Monday, July 8, 2013


In the 'Franklin & Bash' episode "Captain Johnny", the lawyers entered into evidence a copy of TV Guide from December of 1958. They hoped that a 'Perry Mason' episode entitled "The Case Of The Perjured Parrot" would serve as precedent for them to call a parrot to testify in court.

There really was such an episode of 'Perry Mason' back then. Here is the synopsis from the IMDb:

The only witness to a rich man's murder is his parrot, who keeps repeating the suspect's name. But in court, everyone is surprised at what the bird says next.

What we saw on our TV screens was "real life" being played out in Toobworld. What was offered to the TV audience within Earth Prime-Time would have looked quite different since the actors hired would not necessarily look like the people involved. (Raymond Burr of course would be the exception since he had to be cited at some point in some TV show as starring in the series.) Scripts and direction would have been altered as well.

One other point about that issue of TV Guide - Judge Elliott Reid  flipped through the copy and exclaimed:

"Oh look! Buddy Hackett is on Johnny Carson tonight!"

This was O'Bviously just a joke on His Honor's part - Johnny Carson didn't become the host of the 'Tonight' show until October, 1962.

This was the issue in question.


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