Monday, July 1, 2013


Sean Donnelly was an agent for the World Security Bureau, who closed out his career as the Police Commissioner in Port Charles, NY. 
But in the mid-1970s, he was on assignment in Minneapolis, using the name "Jake" as an alias.  His mission was probably to retrieve some news footage from WJM TV which either could implicate the WSB or which could be used as evidence against some international spy they were hoping to capture. 

During the course of his mission, "Jake" met associate news producer Mary Richards and asked her out on a date.  It took a while before she agreed, which should have been a red flag that Mary was not like any other woman he had "dated".
As with most spies, Sean Donnelly must have thought his charms were irresistable to women, so that when he came back to Mary's apartment, he immediately removed his shirt. 
Mary threw a fit and then began a soliloquy on how she must have had 2,000 dates over the last twenty years.  Sean wasn't listening; he just figured that the change in her mood signaled a change in her feelings about him staying the night.  So he started taking off his shirt again.

Mary Richards tossed him out for good.

Through his relationship with fellow agents Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane, Sean eventually settled down in Port Charles, where he met and married an actress named Tiffany Hill.  They later moved to Boston and had a daughter named Anna, named after their friend.

'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' - "Mary Dates Lou" (as Jake)
'General Hospital' (from 1984)
'General Hospital: Night Shift'

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