Tuesday, May 14, 2013


"Office Space"

Once again, it looks as though '24' is not only in an alternate TV dimension, but it's a TV show in Earth Prime-Time.

After taking Coroner Woody Strode hostage, Shawn Spencer mentioned Jack Bauer, claiming that the counter-terrorism agent must have been wearing diapers because he never went to the bathroom for "eight friggin' years!"  This had to be a reference to the number of seasons that the show was on the air.

Jack Bauer does exist in Earth Prime-Time, but not the televersion we saw in action in '24'.  He may have been in the same line of work, but he didn't work the same cases as seen on the show.  First off, none of those United States Presidents he protected were or ever will be the POTUS in the main Toobworld, which must always reflect the Commander in Chief of the Trueniverse.

Second 'Psych' post of the day.  Two for Tuesday!


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