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"Don't bullshit Dr. Joyce Brothers!"
Dr. Joyce Brothers
'Dream On'


From the New York Times:
Joyce Brothers, a former academic psychologist who, long before Drs. Ruth, Phil and Laura, was counseling millions over the airwaves, died on Monday at her home in Fort Lee, N.J. She was 85.

Her daughter, Lisa Brothers Arbisser, confirmed the death.

Dr. Joyce Brothers, as she was always known professionally — a full-name hallmark of the more formal times in which she began her career — was widely described as the mother of mass-media psychology because of the firm, pragmatic and homiletic guidance she administered for decades via radio and television.

She was the host of her own nationally syndicated TV shows, starting in the late 1950s with “The Dr. Joyce Brothers Show” and over the years including “Ask Dr. Brothers,” “Consult Dr. Brothers” and “Living Easy With Dr. Joyce Brothers.”

On 'Girl Talk' 
with Virginia Graham, Inger Stevens, Abbe Lane

She was also a ubiquitous guest on talk shows like “The Tonight Show” and on variety shows like “The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour.”

She was a panelist on many game shows, including “What’s My Line?” and “The Hollywood Squares.” These appearances had a fitting symmetry: It was as a game-show contestant that Dr. Brothers had received her first television exposure.

Playing herself, or a character very much like herself, she had guest roles on a blizzard of TV series, from “The Jack Benny Program” to “Happy Days,” “Taxi,” “Baywatch,” “Entourage” and “The Simpsons.”

In June of 2000, Dr. Joyce Brothers was inducted into the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame (League of Themselves wing.)   She could very well be the Queen of the League of Themselves!

She was all over the TV Universe:

On 'One Life To Live'
Earth Prime-Time

The Tooniverse 

The Borderlands


The Cineverse*

Here is just a partial tally of the TV shows in which she played the televersion of herself:

Oh, Mandy (2005)  

The Mullets
Grudge Match (2003)

The Steve Harvey Show
Herself– Analyze Dis (2000) 

Miss Con-Jeannie-Ality (2000)

Ally McBeal
Those Lips, That Hand

Kenan & Kel
Freezer Burned (1999)

Suddenly Susan
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Susan's Party

Pinky and the Brain
The Pinky and the Brain Reunion Special (1998) 

Style & Substance
Chelsea Gets an Opinion (1998)

Diagnosis Murder
Must Kill TV (1997)

Police Academy: The Series
Put Down That Nose (1997)

The Nanny

  1. The Ex-Niles (1997)
  2. That's Midlife (1996)
Hope & Gloria
One Sorry Mother (1996)

Renaissance Woman (1995)

Melrose Place
  1. Amanda Unplugged (1995)
  2. Dial M for Melrose (1995)
  3. Let the Games Begin (1995)
New York Daze
The Candidate

Grace Under Fire
Mother & Son & Father Reunion (1995)

Come Die with Me: A Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer Mystery (1994)

Space Ghost Coast to Coast
Self Help (1994)

Selling Out (1993)

The Simpsons
Last Exit to Springfield (1993)

Dream On
Come and Knock on Our Door... (1992)

Dame Edna's Hollywood
Episode #1.2 (1992

Scorch Likes It Hot (1992)

Night Court
  1. Attachments Included (1991)
  2. Hard Core in the Big Apple (1991) 
Santa Barbara

TV 101
First Love: Part 2 (1989)


  1. Tonight, Tonight: Part 1 (1988)
  2. Tonight, Tonight: Part 2 (1988)
My Two Dads
The Family in Question (1988)

A Trip to the Moon (1987)

Mr. Belvedere
Separation (1987)

The New Mike Hammer
  1. Lady Killer (1987)
  2. Too Young to Die (1984)
  3. Seven Dead Eyes (1984)
Mama's Family
Mama and Dr. Brothers (1986)

Saturday Night Live
Don Rickles/Billy Idol (1984)

The Spaceman Made Me Do It (1982)

Madame's Place
Episode #1.16 & 17 (1982)

Police Squad! 
Revenge and Remorse (The Guilty Alibi) (1982) 

The Wedding of Latka and Simka (1982) 

Hee Haw Honeys
Episode #1.24 (1979)

America 2-Night
Surfin' to Heaven (1978)

Happy Days
Spunkless Spunky (1978)

Good Old Days (1977)
The Jack Benny Program
Jack Appears on a Panel Show (1965)

And the show that started it all......

The $64,000 Question
Boxing (1955)

From 'Police Squad!':

Johnny, I've been getting a lot of mail about the Cinderella complex.
[She pays him off.]
Women's fear of success has left many of them confused about their wants and needs. Consequently, the stress-related burnout has driven many women from feminist aggression to female passivity, dependent upon their partners for vicarious fulfillment.
Well, what do I tell them?
Tell them to get in touch with their unconscious feelings and to share the growth process with their partner.

Good night and may God bless......

* The Cineverse is not part of the Toobworld Dynamic as a whole.  But certain movies have been absorbed into the TV Universe and this screen captcha is from one such movie - "Naked Gun 2½: The Smell Of Fear", which was spun off from the 'Police Squad!' series.....

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