Thursday, May 16, 2013



Marc Maron decided to track down his arch-nemesis from Twitter and after a few hours of searching, he discovered that his name was Darryl and that he was originally from Colorado.

Darryl, aka "Dungeon Master", was played by Erik Charles Nielsen, who also plays Garrett Lambert on 'Community'.


'Community' takes place at Greendale Community College, which is located in... Colorado!

So I think we have a pretty clear case of identical twins here.  Both Darryl and Garrett look exactly the same and we never learned Darryl's last name.

But it's clear that Darryl was the more dominant of the twins.....



Robert Wronski said...

Remember though that Garrett never played D & D on Community. That was Fat Neal, I mean Neal, who was into D & D and played with the group so they could make him not want to commit suicide. And he wasn't even the dungeon master in that campaign. Abed was the DM. Neal was a player, which is how he ended up in conflict with Pierce.

Toby O'B said...

Which doesn't preclude his twin brother from playing....