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Happy Mother's Day!  Today's member of the League of Themselves is the essence of Toobworld Motherhood.....


'The Critic'
["All The Duke's Men"]

Married to Duke Phillips

The Tooniverse

From Wikipedia:
June Lockhart (born June 25, 1925) is an American actress, primarily in 1950s and 1960s television, but with memorable performances on stage and in film too. She is remembered as the mother in two TV series, 'Lassie' and 'Lost in Space'. She also portrayed Dr. Janet Craig on the CBS television sitcom 'Petticoat Junction' (1968–70).   (Lockhart was the only actor or actress to have starred in three hit series during the 1960s.)

Lockhart is best known for her roles as TV mothers, first as Ruth Martin, the wife of Paul Martin (portrayed by Hugh Reilly), and the mother of Timmy Martin (played by Jon Provost) in the 1954 CBS series, 'Lassie' (a role that she played from 1959–64). She replaced actress Cloris Leachman. Following her five-year run on Lassie Lockhart made a guest appearance on 'Perry Mason' as defendant Mona Stanton Harvey in "The Case of the Scandalous Sculptor." Lockhart then became Dr. Maureen Robinson, the wife of Professor John Robinson (portrayed by 'Zorro' actor Guy Williams) in the 'Lost in Space' (1965–68) series. The science fiction program on CBS was popular, remembered for the design of the sleek silver spacesuits, which Lockhart wore in many publicity photos. Lockhart appeared as Timmy's mom with other notable "TV Moms" in the 1995 Roseanne episode "The Clip Show: All about Rosey, part 2".

Lockhart appeared as Dr. Janet Craig on the final two seasons of the CBS sitcom 'Petticoat Junction' (1968-70), her character brought in to fill the void created after Bea Benaderet died during the run of the show.

She was a regular in the ABC soap opera 'General Hospital' during the 1980s and 1990s. She provided the voice of Martha Day, the lead character in the Hanna-Barbara animated series 'These Are the Days'. Lockhart guest starred in 'Quincy M.E.' numerous times.

[June and her daugher Anne] had previously played the same woman at two different ages in an episode of the television series 'Magnum, P.I.' (1981). In 1991, Lockhart appeared as Miss Wiltrout, Michelle Tanner's kindergarten teacher on the TV sitcom 'Full House'. In 2002, she appeared in two episodes of 'The Drew Carey Show' as Lewis's mother, Misty Kiniski, alongside fellow TV mom Marion Ross, who played Drew's mother.

Lockhart starred as James Caan's mother in an episode of 'Las Vegas' in 2004. Lockhart has since guest starred on episodes of 'Cold Case' and 'Grey's Anatomy', [and] in the 2007 ABC Family television film "Holiday in Handcuffs".


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