Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I'm posting this a week later because I will be spoiling the ending from last week's 'Psych' episode. If you haven't seen it but would like to, leave now.

You've been warned.

Last week, 'Psych' celebrated its 100th episode with "100 Clues". It was patterned after the movie "Clue" (and of course, the game) with secret rooms, multiple suspects, and even the possibility of different endings - during the episode, the audience voted on who they thought was the killer out of the last three possibilities. Survey Says! And that's how the ending was chosen.


The episode had three of the stars from the movie as the guest stars - Christopher Lloyd, Martin Mull, and Lesley Ann Warren. Also in the cast were Steve Valentine, Garrett Morris, and the unlucky Curt Smith as himself. Throughout the episode there were a few tips of the hat to the late Madeline Kahn and the episode was dedicated to her at the end.

Because of the continental difference in time zones, the West Coast audience got to vote separately for their airing of the episode. And their choice for the identity of the killer was different from the West Coast. (The third alternate ending will show up on the DVD.)


Being in the Big Apple, I saw the first televised version. In that one, Clizsby the Butler (Morris) was revealed to be the killer. I can't find it online as I write this (Good Friday), but Zap2It has posted the version chosen by the West Coast viewers:

Personally, I prefer the West Coast version; it was more believable. And who knows? Maybe the third option (Martin Mull?) was even better.

However, following the rules of the Toobworld Dynamic (for once), the first version telecast is the version to be found in Earth Prime-Time. So the other two versions must fend for themselves in other TV dimensions.

And that - combined with the differences between the Curt Smith of the Trueniverse and his televersion - makes this episode of 'Psych' a candidate for Best Episode of any Genre for the next Toobits Awards presentation.


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