Sunday, March 31, 2013


'Doctor Who' returned last night, and we've seen the preview clips and the prequel for that first episode of the season's second half, "The Bells Of St. John". (Go back and check out those previews - originally there were three, but I've since added a fourth one.)

So today, let's look back for our weekend 'Who' entry, back to the Christmas special. (Did I mention I encountered the Great Intelligence/Magneto/Gandalf? Bow down before me!)

One of the big questions had been: How did Strax end up in Victorian England with Lady Vastra and Jenny, when he supposedly died at the Battle of Demon's Run?

So here's your answer:

Personally, I would rather that we learned he was a clone, as the Sontarans are all from clone batches (which for me ties into several episodes of 'Star Trek: Voyager'.) But this worked well, especially as it's basically adhering to Occam's Razor.

What do you think?


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