Thursday, January 24, 2013


Earlier in his career in the C of E before the turn of the 20th Century, Reverend Travis offered comfort and spiritual counseling to Lady Madge Cranleigh in Oxfordshire which quickly turned to passion. Around 1890, Lady Cranleigh gave birth to their son Charles, but she passed the child off as the second son of her husband Lord Cranleigh.

After the death of George Cranleigh, Charles Cranleigh married Ann Talbot and became the new Lord of Cranleigh Hall. But about twenty years into his marriage, he also strayed and dallied with a young woman from the nearby village. Her family,  the Cranaghs, had long been intertwined with the Cranleighs and in fact they could trace their family name back to the same root as the Cranleighs.

The Cranagh woman had a child by Lord Charles Cranleigh during the war years and named him Daniel. He grew up to be a detective with the Metropolitan Police in London before retiring to take a position as head of security for a bank.

This is all supposition based on characters played by Michael Cochrane.

  • 'Downton Abbey' - Reverend Travis (recurring)
  • 'Doctor Who' - Lord Charles Cranleigh ["The Black Orchid"]
  • 'New Tricks' - Daniel Cranagh ["Lost In Translation"]

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