Tuesday, January 22, 2013


'Mr. Lucky'
"The Magnificent Bribe" (1959) … El Presidente

'Gilligan's Island'
"The Little Dictator" (1965) … Rodriguez

In the first episode of 'Mr. Lucky', the dictator of a Latin American country had weekly card games with Mr. Lucky at his casino. By an amazing coincidence, El Presidente always won those games - this was how Mr. Lucky passed the bribes to the dictator which kept him in operation in the capital city.

But one night, a lovely but lethal assassin killed El Presidente in the palace. Mr. Lucky and his associate Adamo saw this as a pretty good sign it was time to leave the country and they just barely made it out alive.

The name of the country and of El Presidente were never revealed. But thanks to a later appearance by Nehemiah Persoff on a sitcom, Toobworld Central is ready to claim that his last name was Rodriguez and that the country was Equarico.

Persoff played that role in an episode of 'Gilligan's Island'.

O'Bviously that character can't be the same character from six years earlier. No zombie could stay so fresh looking. And El Presidente was not only merely dead, he was really most sincerely dead.

So Rodriguez was most likely the twin brother of El Presidente. And after his brother's death, Rodriguez assumed power until he was deposed. After that, he found himself stranded on 'Gilligan's Island'.


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