Tuesday, January 22, 2013



("Uneasy Lies The Crown")

Earth Prime-Time

From TV Rage:
Dr Wesley Corman is a mediocre dentist with a gambling addiction that has led to large debts. His senior partner in the dentists' office is his father-in-law Dr Horace Sherwin, who has been bailing him out of his debts for years. Sherwin tells Corman that he has had enough, but offers to forget the debts provided he moves out and also divorces Sherwin's daughter Lydia.
Corman discovers that Lydia is having an affair with famous action movie star Adam Evans. Evans conveniently happens to be one of Corman's dental patients, so Corman devises a plan in which he murders Evans and frames Lydia for it. However, he does this in such a way that he appears to be covering up evidence in a bid to protect Lydia, who is mentally unstable and has a weak heart from having lost her first husband 7 years earlier. By doing so, he hopes to remove Lydia from the scene and gain the gratitude of Sherwin for attempting to help Lydia.

When Evans comes to Corman for some dental work, Corman uses some of his wife's digitalis (heart medicine) and mixes it with some dental paste, then inserts this under a crown he installs on one of Evans's teeth. That evening, while Corman is at a poker session elsewhere, Evans and Lydia have one of their lovers' trysts. While Evans and Lydia are having sex, the digitalis leaks out of Evans's tooth and causes heart failure. Lydia, in a panic, attempts to call 911, but Corman has reprogrammed her phone so she calls his poker session instead. Corman and Lydia's brother David rush over to Lydia's house and discover Evans dead. To "protect" Lydia, Corman devises an intentionally clumsy coverup in which they put Evans in his car and make it look like he drove off a cliff.

Two of the players at the poker game were Ms. Walker and Mr. Sargent.  It was slightly Zonkish, at least as far as Dick Sargent was concerned......

Two for Tuesday!


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