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["Cool Hand Bruce"]

First off, I apologize for the quality of these pictures.  I took them right off the TV screen, using my Blackberry Tablet.  The few examples I found online were festooned with watermarks and if it is available on DVD via Netflix, I didn't want to wait for its arrival in the mail - especially since I have no clue where my other three disks from them are at the moment in all that boxed up clutter in my living room!  (As for its streaming service, without my computer Miguelito II at Toobworld Central - disabled for a few days - I can't edit any frame grabs via Paintshop Pro.)


The comedian knew Dr. Morton Chegley since World War II.  The doctor "saved" Hope's life - Chegley treated one of his gag writers when he got sick while they were on Okinawa. 

Hope showed up at the Astrospace facility, hoping to get Doctor Chegley to influence the vote on a grant so that it would go to one of his pet projects - Bob Hope was a top fund-raiser for the Eisenhower Medical Center in Palm Springs.  Chegley agreed - so long as Hope served as the Master of Ceremonies for the charity ball that following Friday.

Hope observed that Julia Baker was a much prettier nurse than Dr. Chegley's nurse on Okinawa - a Marine from Oklahoma.

In the episode "Hello, McHale?  Colonna!",
Jerry Colonna told Commander McHale and his men that Bob Hope was over on Okinawa.  So, on the Toobworld timeline, this 'Julia' backstory with Hope and Dr. Chegley could have been taking place during the same time as that 'McHale's Navy' episode.

If you ever get the chance to see this episode of 'Julia' (I caught it yesterday on the Aspire network.), keep an eye on Hope's eyes.  You can see he's not only reading his lines, but also those of Lloyd Nolan and Dianne Carroll!

Bob Hope is a member of the TV Crossover Hall of Fame for playing himself in several TV series and for his series of Christmas specials.  Because of that, I'm sure Old Ski-Nose will show up again throughout the year, but this may be his most O'Bscure entry in the League of Themselves.....


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