Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Victor Gianelli was one of the patients of psychologist Dr. Bob Hartley. His problem mainly dealt with anger management issues. He held little regard for Dr. Hartley and even less for his fellow members in the group therapy sessions, and they were all happy when Dr. Hartley threw him out of the group. That is, until Mr. Gianelli was crushed to death by a truckload of zucchini.

Victor Gianelli was so dismissive of Dr. Hartley's attempts to treat him that he once sent his brother to take his place during a session. Using his brother Victor's name, this brother also had anger issues, which is why Dr. Hartley never challenged him on his right to be there.

And that's the way Toobworld Central disables the recastaway Zonk of the last on-screen appearance by Victor Gianelli in 'The Bob Newhart Show'. Up until that point, Noam Pitlik played the role but he dropped out to concentrate on his directing career. So the role was recast for one episode with Daniel J. Travanti.


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