Monday, November 5, 2012


Up until now I've had to use a movie to illustrate what has become a common Toobworld situation - identical twins raised in two different families and with two different last names. (Most recently I wrote about this with the autopsy surgeons in Los Angeles, Drs. McLeod and Hoxie.)

For these situations I've had to use "The Parent Trap", either version, to illustrate "The Twin Dilemma". But now I have a TV show episode so that I can keep it all contained with the TV Universe of Earth Prime-Time.

Although we never saw Phyllis Monroe of Redding, California, she was the identical twin sister of Glamis Barlowe [left], one of the suspects in the case. And their resemblance to each other was a key point in the court case. Their mother gave Phyllis to another couple to raise for some reason. (It could be due to Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Monroe being so wealthy.)

Always finding something new in the old classics.....


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