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During this year in which I have been featuring characters adapted from BookWorld for the "ASOTV" showcase, I have never dipped into the world of comic books or graphic novels. But I felt this was one time when I should. And there have been two novel adaptations of the comics so I could justify it in a sort of backdoor fashion.

There are spoilers ahead, but of nothing from this, the third season of the series.  (Well, yeah, there is a hint.......)

'The Walking Dead'

Robert Kirkman & Tony Moore

Saran Wayne Callies


Zombie Toobworld

From Wikipedia:
Lori Grimes is a fictional character from the comic book series 'The Walking Dead' and is portrayed by Sarah Wayne Callies in the American television series of the same name.

In the comic book series:
Lori Grimes was displayed as an average middle class housewife living in Cynthiana, Kentucky. As the outbreak began, she and Carl were evacuated out of the city with help from Rick's partner and best friend Shane Walsh, in hopes of getting to where her parents lived.

During the evacuation, the guilt that she had been wracked with over abandoning Rick led her to have a one night stand with Shane, which she deeply regretted afterward. She continually brushed off Shane's attempts at advances and ignored him even more when Rick miraculously arrived at their campsite.

She soon found out, after counting her missed periods, that she was pregnant, however she hesitated to tell anybody until after Shane's death and their move back onto the road.

She faced things such as morning sickness and mood swings throughout the first few months of her pregnancy. She and everyone else found relative stability at an abandoned prison, with hot showers, supplies, and security.

In Toobworld:
After her husband is wounded in the line of duty and left in a coma whilst the outbreak occurs, Lori, believing him to be dead, is accompanied by Rick's best friend Shane Walsh towards Atlanta, counting on him to keep both her and her son safe. They befriend Carol and her family on the road, and later both groups settle with other survivors on the outskirts of Atlanta. Lori, having been further convinced of Rick's death by witnessing the military bomb Atlanta, eventually succumbs to her distraught state and embarks on a passionate sexual relationship with Shane (without Carl’s knowledge). She is relieved when Rick returns with their scavenger group alive and well, while at the same time being wracked with guilt over her inadvertant affair with Shane. She bitterly ends her relationship with Shane, leading the two to have awkward confrontations. When the group leaves the camp and briefly spends time at the CDC, she is nearly raped by Shane.

In the second season, Lori begins to cling to Shane as much as she does Rick, realizing that both him and Rick are equally as valuable to her in terms of protection. She's willing to look past Shane's previous actions, however she continues to refute any notion that their relationship was genuine.

Days after arriving at Hershel's farm, Lori discovers she is pregnant with what may be Shane's baby, a discovery that terrifies her. After accepting the situation, Lori admits both her condition and her previous affair to Rick, the former of which he accepts, despite the baby almost certainly being Shane's.

She's confronted by Shane upon him learning of the matter from Rick, believing the baby to be his. She initially attempts to disregard this possibility, however she later finds it futile and admits that she'll never know. She still firmly makes it clear that even if it is Shane's, it will be raised by her and Rick. Her attitude toward Shane lightens up following Dale's death, with her apologizing for all that she had put him through.

Meanwhile, she takes notice to Carl's increasing coldness, a matter which concerns her as she looks ahead to the future. The group is forced to depart from the farm after a horde ascends onto the premises, leading them to camp on the side of the road.

Her path took several divergent paths between the comic books and the TV series, but still traveled along the same direction. You may have figured out why I chose her character to showcase, but even in that case there were differences between the two.


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