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'Michael Shayne'

Brett Halliday

Richard Denning

Earth Prime-Time

From Wikipedia:
Michael Shayne is a fictional private detective character created during the late 1930s by writer Brett Halliday. The character appeared in a series of 12 films starring Lloyd Nolan, a radio series under a variety of titles between 1944 and 1953, and later in 1960-1961 in a 32 episode NBC television series starring Richard Denning in the title role.

The books were typically very well plotted, with Shayne always gathering the suspects at the end and explaining the crime and naming the murderer. Shayne was initially married in the novels, his wife being Phyllis Shayne, who was a somewhat limited character, and was often out of town. Dresser "killed her off" when he sold the movie rights to the series. In the book "Blood on the Black Market", the comedy aspect of the earlier novels disappears, and Shayne is forced to deal with his wife's death.

In 1960, the 32-episode Michael Shayne television series began. Richard Denning, formerly of the series 'Mr. and Mrs. North', played Michael Shayne. Patricia Donahue originated the role of Lucy Hamilton, Shayne's secretary. She was replaced by Margie Regan after more than half of the 32 episodes had been shot.

Herbert Rudley played Lieutenant Will Gentry of the Miami Police Department and Jerry Paris played reporter Tim Rourke of the fictitious Miami Tribune. Gary Clarke, later of 'The Virginian', played Dick Hamilton, Lucy's younger brother (this character does not appear in Halliday's books).

William Link and Richard Levinson wrote a number of episodes of the series, including "This Is It, Michael Shayne", which was based on Halliday's novel of that name. Julie Adams, who had previously worked with Richard Denning in "Creature from the Black Lagoon", guest starred in this episode. Beverly Garland guest starred in the episode "Murder and the Wanton Bride." She and Denning had previously starred in the Roger Corman feature film "Naked Paradise" (1957).

Garland and Denning later costarred with Vincent Price in "The House of the Seven Gables" segment of the film "Twice-Told Tales" (1963). Warren Oates, Joan Marshall and David White guest starred in the episode "Murder Round My Wrist." Margie Regan played a nurse in this episode, while Patricia Donahue was still playing Lucy Hamilton.

The hour-long series ran at 10pm Fridays on NBC. Its competition was CBS's 'The Twilight Zone' with Rod Serling and ABC's 'The Detectives' with Robert Taylor and 'The Law and Mr. Jones', starring James Whitmore, Conlan Carter, and Janet De Gore. The series can still be seen on the Detective Channel of TV4U.Com.


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