Saturday, November 3, 2012


All week I've been showcasing the dolls in the 'Twilight Zone' episode "Five Characters In Search Of An Exit" - looking for another TV character for whom each doll was made in his or her likeness.

And even though there are only five dolls mentioned in the title, there was a sixth doll in that episode......

Rod Serling is omnipresent, perhaps omniscient.  (But certainly not omnipotent if the events at the end of "A World Of His Own" are any indication. Click here to see how that ends.)

Serling was a tele-cognizant who knew he was in the TV Universe, and he lent his name to the art of serlinguism, even if he didn't originate the practice. (A serlinguist is one who talks to the audience viewing at home in the Trueniverse.)

Although he could be in the location as the subjects in a particular episode, they are unaware of his presence - except for Gregory West in the aforementioned "A World Of His Own".

The tele-version of Rod Serling can adapt himself to the situation at hand. Gregory West didn't really "create" and then "un-create" him, but Serling let him believe so.

And when it came to "Five Characters In Search Of An Exit", Serling transformed himself into a doll to make his introduction.

He has to be doll-sized - look at his proportions in comparison to the top of the barrel. And then look at the little girl who also leaned over the edge:

But the Rod Serling doll was not made by the doll-maker who created the other ones. Serling knows who he is and he exhibits powers far beyond the capability of the other dolls. So it must be that Serling adapted himself to the situation.

At least Rod Serling is a doll - excuse me, "action figure" - who is available for purchase in the real world......


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