Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Usually I do a "Super Six List", but for this topic, I had to go with the full Top Ten.....

Top Ten Current TV Shows
That Take Place In An Alternate TV Dimension

1] 'Castle'
The mayor of New York and the Vice President of the United States are different from Toobworld.

2] 'Veep'
The main character is different from the Vice President as seen in the main Toobworld, who should always reflect the real world.

3] 'Homeland'
The Vice President is different from Toobworld.

4] 'Scandal'
The President and Vice President are different from Earth Prime-Time

5] 'Hawaii Five-O'
This is a series remake. The original TV series occupies the main Toobworld.

6] 'Elementary' & 'Sherlock'
Sherlock Holmes was a Victorian era consulting detective in the London area as far as Toobworld is concerned.  (The alternate TV dimension of 'Sherlock' is the Limbo from 'Life On Mars' & 'Ashes To Ashes'.)

7] 'Blue Bloods'
The mayor of NYC is different from that in the real world who has a large presence in Toobworld. The police commissioner is different as well.

8] 'The Last Resort'
Their President is under impeachment and Pakistan was wiped off the map.

9] 'Revolution'
Fifteen years before, the entire world lost electrical power. Now there are smaller countries making up the area of the United States.

10] 'The Walking Dead'
The world has been taken over by zombies.

Let's crank it up to eleven!

11] 'Being Human' (USA)
The original British version belongs in Earth Prime-Time. Had this version not been so slavishly similar in its premise at the beginning, it might have been allowed to co-exist.

Remember, these are current shows.  This is why I didn't include TV series like 'The West Wing', 'Commander-In-Chief', 'Hail To The Chief', 'Mr. President', 'Cory In The House', 'DAG', '24', 'Sliders', and certain episodes of 'The Twilight Zone'.  

Other shows belong to alternate timelines that will cease to exist once they are cancelled and are then subject to the universal reboot as seen in 'Doctor Who'. These would include 'True Blood'.  'Fringe' dealt with a parallel dimension but now they're embroiled in an alternate timeline story.  And as for 'Game Of Thrones', that's set in the dimension of Earth Prime-Time, but on another planet - Earth's twin Mondas from 'Doctor Who', to be exact.


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