Sunday, October 7, 2012


I don't know if you noticed, but that was Christina Hendricks as the MI6 "shop-girl" in the Visa commercial with Pierce Brosnan as Bond and Desmond Llewelyn as Q. Ms. Hendricks is best known for playing Joan Holloway in 'Mad Men'.

So far in the timeline of 'Mad Men', Joan has given birth to a son named Kevin who is the biological son of Roger Sterling, not her husband Dr. Greg Harris. (They have since divorced.) 

 I don't think the show will go too far into the 1970's, if at all, so unless her character is killed off, we could make the supposition that one day she'll have a late-in-life pregnancy (Joan was born in 1930) and give birth to a girl. That girl might then grow up and move to London, where she would eventually go to work for MI6.

Before being recruited into that spy organization, however, she might have led the ordinary life of a college girl, hanging out with her best friend....

We'll see how 'Mad Men' plays out.......

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