Monday, October 8, 2012


Last week ended with a big crossover - a Big Bird crossover, that is.

Big Bird appeared on the Weekend News Update segment 'Saturday Night Live' to talk about Mitt Romney's attack on PBS during last week's debate. As expected, he kept it sweet rather than political - talking about learning he had been name-checked from a million tweets, for example. (Tweets being the way birds talk.) And he told a political joke about "de baits".

This was the second time that 'Sesame Street' has crossed over into 'Saturday Night Live'. Near the end of 2010, Cookie Monster came on the show to sing a song with host Jeff Bridges.  Appearances by Fozzie, Animal, and Rowlf were connections to 'The Muppet Show' and 'Muppets 2Night'. And of course, Skred and Poobis and the other inhabitants from the Land of Gortch were original members of the 'SNL' cast.

As for Kermit's appearances, he is the Uber-Muppet, and transcends all of the shows he's ever been connected to......


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