Friday, October 12, 2012


My blogging buddy in the Great White North, Brent McKee of "I Am A Child Of Television" (Link to the left, my Hosers), left this comment on my article about 'Revolution' and 'Last Resort':

The new show "Chicago Fire" emphatically placed itself in the Main Toobworld on Wednesday night. The firefighters of the station were supposed to be reviewed by the Mayor, but after a certain number of complications eventually went on a call to a fire. at the end of that scene, someone said "It looks like we're going to meet the mayor after all." A motorcade arrives at the scene of the fire and out steps the mayor of Chicago...played by Rahm Emmanuel, mayor of Chicago.

So that means 'Boss' starring Kelsey Grammer on Starz! has to be relegated to an alternate TV dimension. And I don't see any reason why that couldn't be the same dimension which houses 'The West Wing', 'Smallville', and 'Mr. Sterlling'.....


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