Friday, September 21, 2012


Our third entry for this month into the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame is another member of the League of Themselves who passed away over the summer - the late, great Phyllis Diller.

She was a true pioneer in comedy, breaking down the walls so that women like Lisa Lampenelli, Susie Essman, Joan Rivers, etc. could follow. And she had to do it at a cost, making fun of her looks, her love life, dressing in garish outfits.....

Like Milton Berle and Bob Hope before her, Phyllis Diller was a larger-than-life personality. No matter if she played a fictional character, everybody saw her as Phyllis Diller. In fact, in an episode of 'Get Smart', secret agent Maxwell Smart underwent a spray-on plastic surgery technique that turned him into a carbon copy of Phyllis Diller. The Chief turned it down since she was so recognizable.

So why not appear as herself? And that is what she did in the following TV shows, which ensure her membership in the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame:
  • "Arli$$"
    As Others See Us (29 July 2001) 
  • "Diagnosis Murder"
    Talked to Death (26 February 1998)
  • "Cybill"
    Romancing the Crone (10 March 1996) 
  • "Blossom"
    Beach Blanket Blossom: Part 2 (21 February 1994)
  • "Full House"
     But Seriously Folks (5 February 1988) 
  • "The Jeffersons"
    You'll Never Get Rich (8 January 1985)
Phyllis Diller deserves far more plaudits for her contributions to the world of entertainment than I can supply, but I hope this will serve.....


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