Monday, September 17, 2012


I have to admit that when Tony Martin died, I didn't know much more about him than that he was a crooner who had been married to Cyd Charisse. I even thought he was of Italian descent, but since his death I've learned that his background is Polish.

Still, even though he was outside my notice, Tony Martin parlayed his career into television and appeared on plenty of variety shows as well as hosting his own program. But he also appeared as a member of the League of Themselves in several TV series, enough so that he is eligible for membership in the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame:
  • 'The Donna Reed Show' 
    "Tony Martin Visits" (1961)
  • 'The George Burns Show'
    "Tony Martin Visits" (1958) 
  • 'The Jack Benny Program'
    "The Jam Session Show" (1954)
  • 'The Name of the Game'
    "I Love You, Billy Baker: Parts 1 & 2" (1970)

So with his passing two months ago, I want to make sure he received this small honor from Toobworld Central.....


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