Tuesday, September 18, 2012


While I was on vacation, I had to endure watching 'Victorious' with my nephew. I tried to convince him it was for girls, but he stuck with it.

I worry about that boy........


Here's part of the plot summary for this 'Victorious' "movie" (basically just a two-part plot combined into one episode.)

From the 'Victorious' wiki:
Jade and Cat show up while Hayley and Tara are singing "Hate Me Love Me" by Ginger Fox. They bet Hayley and Tara that anyone in the place could impress the audience more, so Hayley and Tara picks a hideous girl named Louise Nordoff to compete against (who is actually Tori in disguise), thinking that this "Ugly Betty" will lose easily.

I don't know whether it was Hayley or Tara, but one of them called over Tori in her disguise by shouting "Hey, Ugly Betty!"

For us viewing at home, 'Ugly Betty' was the name of an ABC "dramady" based on a South American telenovela (which spawned a lot of imitators all over the world, all of which share Earth Prime-Time.)

But within the reality of Toobworld, it was no more than an insult in which the name of "Betty" could just as easily have been changed to any other name.

"Hey, Ugly Norma!" "Ugly Sue!" "Ugly Nancy!"

So I don't see it as being an actual reference to the TV show.


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