Friday, April 27, 2012


Liz Lemon revealed that she walked in on Jenna Maroney as she was making love to the harmonica player from Blues Traveler. And that he was still wearing his harmonica holder.

This means Jenna was boinking John Popper.

Here's the thumbnail biography from Wikipedia:
John Popper (born March 29, 1967) is an American musician and songwriter.

He is most famous for his role as frontman of rock band Blues Traveler performing harmonica, guitar and vocals. He is widely considered a harmonica virtuoso, and is listed by harmonica manufacturer Hohner as a "Featured Artist", an accolade reserved for only the best and most successful harmonica players.

Popper won a 2008 Toobits Award for Best League of Themselves Appearance, mostly because he enthusiastically threw himself into playing a real sleazebag version of himself. This happened over several episodes of 'Z Rock', where he made it his life mission to bed Dina, the manager for the band. (And he eventually succeeded.)

Even though he wasn't seen in this episode of '30 Rock' (and unlike Kevin Sorbo, not even named), this still counts towards his televersion tally in the League of Themselves.

And that means 'Z Rock' and '30 Rock' can be linked together in Toobworld.


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