Saturday, April 28, 2012


I have many friends who have made contributions to the citizenry of Toobworld, most of whom have done so with characters in various TV shows. Actors with whom I went to UConn with, like Dan Lauria, Mary Cadorette, Shirley Jordan, Bill Marcus...... The late Brad Williams added puppet people, as seen in 'Pinwheel' on Nickelodeon.

And then there are others who have, like me, joined the League of Themselves and created televersions of their lives back home in the Trueniverse.

One of those would be Maggie Bilder Cooke. And like me, she is qualified to join the TV Crossover Hall of Fame because of her appearances. I don't have any video of her hosting duties for a computer show that was once on CNet, but here are two of the other examples of her televersion......

First up, her appearance on '$10,000.00 Pyramid', in keeping with our remembrances of Dick Clark, in which she was partnered with Sal Viscuso......

And now that you know what she looks like, here she is as she shows off her skills as a serlinguist. (But here's a hint for those with short term memory loss - "No more barbecue!")


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