Thursday, April 26, 2012


When a woman in the halls of NBC at '30 Rock' complained that "Murphy Brown lied to us!", she was talking about the "actual" newswoman and not about the TV sitcom. The same holds true for when Liz talked about the support system which helped Murphy in the raising of her baby. Her co-anchor Jim Dial, and reporters Corky Sherwood and Frank Fontana, Miles Silverberg the producer, and especially Eldon the painter.

Never once was the TV show mentioned.

Everybody in Telemerica knows about Murphy Brown. Not only was she the anchor on 'F.Y.I.' (as seen on 'Murphy Brown'), but she also inspired two TV shows about her. One was a "roman a clef" sitcom called 'Kelly Green' (as seen on 'Murphy Brown') and the other was a dramatized version of her life in which Cosmo Kramer had a small role in the eponymous sitcom (as seen in 'Seinfeld').

So there's no Zonk here and there never will be when it comes to this member of the TV Crossover Hall of Fame!


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