Friday, January 13, 2012


When Dave's Dad started dating Penny's Mom on the latest episode of 'Happy Endings', Penny saw it as the chance to finally have a sibling. But Dave objected to her calling him "Baby Bro", saying that she was no Johnny Drama.

This was a reference to Johnny Chase, a character played by Kevin Dillon in 'Entourage'. That HBO series was about the guys who hung out with Johnny's younger brother, Vincent Chase, a Hollywood movie star.
But the show wasn't mentioned and as a character in Toobworld, Johnny "Drama" Chase should be known by a lot of TV characters in other series. He was a movie st-# er, actor himself and even starred in several TV shows - 'Viking Quest', 'Four Corners', and he provided the lead voice for a cartoon series 'Johnny Bananas'. So there was no Zonk here and instead provides a connection between the two series.

Too bad there's no easy splainin' for the mentions of 'The Wire' and 'Blue Bloods' in the same episode.....


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