Friday, January 13, 2012


The eleventh episode of my favorite comedy series from 2011, 'Happy Endings', was "Meat The Parrots" and it had three awesome guest stars - Michael McKean as Dave's Dad, Megan Mulally as Penny's Mom, and Ed Begley, Jr. as himself.

Because Ed Begley, Jr. is a member of the League of Themselves, 'Happy Endings' gets three connections in the Toobworld Dynamic:

'Happy Endings'
– "Meet the Parrots" (2012)
'Dharma & Greg'
– "Protecting the Ego-System" (2002)
– "When Ellen Talks, People Listen" (1998)
'The Larry Sanders Show'
– "Putting the 'Gay' Back in Litigation" (1998)

And I didn't notice it earlier, but he's also been eligible for membership in the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame someday!

PLUS!  (There's moooore?)  Thanks to him, Toobworld has a new breakfast sandwich - the Egg Begley, Jr.!

No matter that he's a vegetarian.  That just means there's more for the rest of us!


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