Sunday, January 8, 2012


I'm still celebrating my god-daughter's ninth birthday.....

One TV show that I have in common with Rhiannon is 'Doctor Who'. And while I may have made a half-way acceptable victim in an alien invasion, I think Rhiannon - teamed up with her older brother Eli - would have made great companions in the TARDIS for the Doctor!

Now, I ask you, what would an Inner Toob Video Weekend be without some 'Doctor Who'?

In Skitlandia, they have gone through far more Time Lords than in the other TV dimensions. (Currently, in case you didn't know, the Doctor is into his eleventh incarnation - his tenth regeneration - in the universe of Earth Prime-Time.)

Here are a couple of those other Doctors from Skitlandia, including the comic variations of the originals:

Happy birthday, Rhiannon!

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