Thursday, January 12, 2012


"You look like Carol Brady
right before she got arrested for molesting Bobby."
Max Blum
'Happy Endings'

It took me a long time, but I finally, begrudgingly, came around to the acceptance that in Toobworld everybody will eventually have a TV show about them. There were far too many Zonks - that is, discrepancies - in which TV shows mentioned other TV shows when they should have all been sharing the same universe as realities.

It's kind of the Toobworld version of Andy Warhol's aphorism that in the Future, everybody will be famous for fifteen minutes. (And that bon mot exits in Toobworld as well.)

There will still be the individual splainins to bring variety into the picture toob - that not all TV series titles mentioned in other shows will be the same show as seen in the real world. Shows with generic titles like 'General Hospital' could be reality programming in Toobworld.

And that's the premise we're going for here. 'The Brady Bunch' has long been a "zonkish" title, mentioned in so many other TV shows that it's most likely in the top ten of Zonks. Apparently, some Toobworld TV executive (May they be nibbled to death by TV ducks!) thought that a blended family of three boys and three girls would make for compelling TV.

And he would probably be right - if it was done as a reality show, a fore-runner to that show about the Gosselins, and a contemporary to the ground-breaking series about the Loud Family.

If we accept Max's statement as true, and not as a reference to a TV show, then I think we can understand why the Toobworld version of 'The Brady Bunch' proved to be so popular - to the point where it spawned a couple of theatrical movies (if it has ever been mentioned as such in other TV shows.)

But was Carol Brady's sexual transgression with her youngest stepson part of the original reality show, or was it the scandal that brought 'The Brady Bunch' to an end? When we met them again in the main Toobworld, there didn't seem to be any hint of a scandal in their past.

Maybe they found religion.......

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