Thursday, January 26, 2012


An Embarrassment Of Bitches"

When Kay Capuccio, a reality star who was famous for being famous, was being questioned by Detective Kate Beckett and novelist Rick Castle, her boyfriend and manager Reggie wanted to know how long it was going to take. Kay had an interview scheduled with a Vanity Fair reporter within the hour.
In the long run, this doesn't matter, since 'Castle' takes place in an alternate TV dimension. But it could be that the reporter was that dimension's doppelganger for either Peter Lange or Sophia Leary. At the very least, getting back to Earth Prime-Time, I'd like to think Peter Lange served as a mentor for Sophia when she first started out at the magazine.
'Numb3rs' - "Graphic" (for Peter Lange)
'Entourage' (for Sophia Lear, recurring guest character)


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