Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I'm not a fan of Denise Richards.

I think she's pretty, and it was horrible what she had to go through while married to Charlie Sheen. But neither of those opinions color my belief that she's a terrible actress. The only thing that passes as redemption for her in my lazy eyes is that she is at least trying to act; she's not cluttering up the TV screen like the Kardashiasses who are famous only because they are famous.

But her acting is abysmal. Because of that, I was hoping her brain would be sucked out by those alien slugs in "Starship Troopers". It seemed wrong that she survived while a character played by Dina Meyer, a much better actress, was sacrificed. (Even though it was a sci-fi flick, Meyer's character invoked the cardinal rule of slasher movies - you have sex, you die.)

I cheered when Richards' cheerleader/beauty pageant contestant was clubbed to death with a baton in an episode of the 'Burke's Law' sequel. And I would have been happy if the killer got away with it. And when I heard she would be playing a scientist named Dr. Christmas Jones in a James Bond movie.... Doctor??? Well, I scratched "The World Is Not Enough" off my must-see list. And I really was looking forward to seeing Robbie Coltrane and John Cleese in it too.


This past week Denise Richards showed up on '30 Rock' playing herself in "Idiots Are People Two" (and she'll probably be in this week's conclusion, "Idiots Are People Three".) She was serving as the celebrity spokesperson for the NBC boycott by idiots.
She was actually quite good in the role Being an idiot suits her.


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Bill Crider said...

She was cruelly denied an Oscar nomination by the so-called Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for her role as Christmas Jones!