Thursday, May 5, 2011


In July of 1969, former FBI agent Canton Everett Delaware III used Amy's video-phone to record the wounded alien, but he said he had no idea what a video-phone was.

However, the "picture phone" was displayed five years earlier at the 1964 World's Fair. Canton should have been familiar at least with the publicity if he didn't see it in person. It should have been simple to extrapolate that Amy's phone was a future version.
Besides, "Dick Tracy" had a televersion, so the FBI had access to Diet Smith's invention of the two-way wrist radio. Had the show kept going and it stayed current with events depicted in the comic strip mothership, then the two-way wrist TV would have eventually followed in the Toobworld timeline. And that was also in 1964.
Gee....  I'm surprised Canton Everett Delaware III didn't know about Dick Tracy and his communication device.  I would have thought "Three Part Canton" of all people would have been familiar with Dick......

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