Friday, May 6, 2011


'Chuck' - "Chuck vs. Agent X"

What should have been a throw-away gag poking fun at Colonel John Casey's take-no-prisoners approach to a "good time", Casey was planning on spending his time in Las Vegas for Chuck Bartowski's bachelor party at various gun ranges. And he brought along some of his favorite targets:

The episode aired Monday night. The bachelor party was to begin on Friday night for the whole weekend. Nobody said anything about Osama bin Laden having been killed already in Abbottabad, Pakistan*. And the episode should hew closely to the time it was broadcast.

Therefore, the Toobworld timeline for this episode begins on Friday, April 29th of this year, with Osama dead by Sunday night, the First of May.


* Yes, I know the episode was filmed weeks in advance. However, we deal with the "inner reality" of Toobworld here......

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