Thursday, May 5, 2011


With so many of the Silence inhabiting the Earth (at least until July of 1969), then they must be present in every single TV show that ever was, including the foreign-made series.

Here's a Super Six List of some of the more O'Bvious (to me) choices.....

1] 'Fringe'
Check out the post about the Silence and the Observers.

2] 'The X-Files'
I'll bet there was a Silent monitoring Mulder and Scully, as well as Deep Throat and others, for a long time.....

3] 'The Invaders'
We could use the Silence as the splainin as to why the Invaders are no longer a threat among us.

4] 'The Adventures Of Superman'
I don't think even the Last Son of Krypton would be immune to their power. And they'd want to keep an eye on him until he died back in the early 60's.....

5] 'The Wild, Wild West'
They've been around since the dawn of Man, so out of all the TV Westerns, this would be the most logical place to find them.

6] 'The Governor And J.J.'
No, really! There had to be at least one Silent monitoring every important political figure in the world, so there must have been one stationed in the governor's mansion even in this sitcom. In 'Benson' as well, most likely. (But not in 'The West Wing' - that's a different TV dimension and may or may not have an infestation of the Silence....)


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