Thursday, May 19, 2011


It's really not all that bad, especially not when compared to the problems of others, but that heading does have a nice movie-of-the-week tone to it, doesn't it?

I'm into Day Two of a cable-unready existence. Yesterday my cable box systematically proclaimed every channel I visited to be unavailable. When I called T-W (and that ain't Toob World!), they told me to reboot the system by unplugging from the wall.

By doing that, I blew a fuse.

Once I did get it up and running again, I now couldn't access the system at all. I should have known better; I should have watched as much as I could off the DVR before I called it in. Now I have an appointment for tomorrow morning - only two months since they last swapped out the boxes.

Hopefully they won't have to do that because I've got a lot more stored up on there than the last time. It was only 19% full then, it was about 50% this time. And there was a lot of stuff I really wanted to see.

The TV shows I'm not so worried about - the season finale of 'Hawaii Five-O', the last three episodes of 'Raising Hope', the latest 'Doctor Who' (written by Neil Gaiman) which I wanted to see again, wondering if my opinion had changed to something more positive..... Most of that stuff I can find elsewhere online like Hulu or, or - as is the case with 'Doctor Who' - I can wait until it repeats later in the week.

But the one that really bums me out is the Chuck McCann movie "The Projectionist" shown on TCM. I knew I should have watched it right away; I recorded it soon after the DVR was last replaced and I knew it could happen again at any time.

I've never seen "The Projectionist" and having heard such rave reviews for it, it's always been a holy grail among movies.

That'll larn me.

Add to that the news bomb dropped on me by the superette when she came up to change my fuse - because of the unreasonable demands made by my next-door neighbor, everybody's rent will have to go up once they do major renovation to the front entrance. If they could do it through one of the two side doors in the basement, the cost wouldn't be passed on to us, but her social workers apparently are pushing her to hold fast to her original demand.

Since I heard that, variations on the first twenty minutes of 'Columbo' have been playing out in my mind.....



Anonymous said...

Hope that all works out in your favor, Toby.


Toby O'B said...

That depends... do you know a guy....? Some Vatican assassin perhaps? LOL