Saturday, April 16, 2011


With the news of the cancellation of 'One Life To Live', it got me to thinking back to one of the more outrageous storylines from Llanview, Pennsylvania. It wasn't well-received critically, and I'm not too sure how the fans thought about it, but in the grand schemes of Toobworld? I thought it was fantastic!

Several of the show's characters found themselves trapped below the Earth in a lost underground civilization called "Eterna" (or "Eternia"). And that hidden realm tied into one of the stories to be found in 'Cliffhangers' back in the late 1970's - "The Secret Empire".

In that corner of the realm, the underground world was known as Chimera and was located under Wyoming. (I think my friend Mark came from Chimera.  He claims to be from Wyoming, but I don't know......)

So first up, here's a five part story culled from the Eterna storyline on 'One Life To Live':

Here's a taste of that old 'Cliffhangers' "serial".....


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