Thursday, April 14, 2011


Who wouldn’t want a cat that croaks if you’re not at home twice a day to shoot it up?
It’s like having your own button on 'Lost'."
Dr. Gregory House

That's Damon Lindelof in the background, and from what I've read, he is from New Jersey. So it could be that he was back home, visiting family, and Thirteen knew how to track him down.

And in case you don't read the comments for YouTube videos, here are the "tweets" from Damon Lindelof re: the filming of this scene:

Damon Lindelof
(Feb 9th)
"Number 73. Get repeatedly kneed in the groin by @OliviaWilde. Check."!/DamonLindelof/status/35388203540287488

(April 11th)
"If you want to see me in pain, watch 'HOUSE' tonight. (and yes, I realize I'm setting myself up. Have at it.)"!/DamonLindelof/status/57512009213816832

"After west coast airing, I shall reveal what Thirteen whispered to me FOR REAL. And there were SEVEN TAKES."!/DamonLindelof/status/57603018228641792

"After slamming her knee into my groin, Thirteen gently whispered, "From Westeros. With Love.""!/DamonLindelof/status/57647587917971457

**EDIT** (April 12th)
"Gosh, tweeps... It never occurred to me that people would connect me getting smashed in the nuts to furor over the finale. #HELLYESITDID"!/DamonLindelof/status/57884095694376961

Westeros is the mythical realm in George R.R. Martin's book series from which "Game Of Thrones" was adapted for television. (For Toobworld purposes only, Westeros is located on the planet Mondas.)  Recently there's been a bit of a feud online, after Martin dissed the ending to 'Lost' and Lindelof didn't take it too kindly.....

My thanks to Rob of "The Medium Is Not Enough" (Link to the Left, Lostaways!) for alerting me to this video!


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