Sunday, April 10, 2011


You may be shocked to read this, but I may be looking forward more to 'Game Of Thrones' than I am for the new season of 'Doctor Who'. But if you knew me better, you'd know that the realm of Fantasy has always been my first love in reading materials, definitely reaching back to reading "The Hobbit" in tenth grade. (But if it counts, then I'd say it can be traced back to reading Edith Hamilton's work on Greek mythology back in sixth grade, which didn't make Sister Theresa Gertrude happy....)

I've got two long-playing videos from HBO to share with you, dealing with this epic new mini-series.

First up, the sneak preview - the first fourteen minutes or so of the first episode.....

And here's an even longer video with a lot of inside info behind the scenes about the making of the show......

I'll be writing more about "Game Of Thrones" as the series progresses, but I'm pretty sure that the series can remain in the main TV Universe of Earth Prime-Time.  It won't be taking place on Earth, however, but instead on Earth's orbital twin, Mondas (from 'Doctor Who')!


"Game Of Thrones" premieres on HBO April 17th.....


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