Friday, April 29, 2011


God help me - I just realized I'm off from work Thursday night, so I can wake up early and watch the Royal Wedding..... I'll probably do it too, just because this is a true example of reality TV.

But it just won't be the same as the last one, when all my friends from the UConn drama department - all of us living in the same building - got together to watch Charles and Diana tie the knot.

At least at that one, I got to feast on Eggs Benedict. This time it'll probably be left-over Chinese food.....


From TV Series Finale, who was watching the TV Land Awards:

Wow! Tina Yothers is now the age that Meredith Baxter was when 'Family Ties' began.


Wow, I tried not read too much about 'Game Of Thrones' going in, and I realize it IS HBO, but I didn't know there would be so much mammary action in the Seven Kingdoms! Reminded me of the old "Tits 'n' Lizards" cover for National Lampoon by Frazetta!

In fact, this is what I wrote about the renewal of the series on Facebook:

"Game Of Thrones" premiered to very good, but not great, ratings. HBO renewed it already for a second season anyway, but they really wanted a HUGE hit. I blame marketing. Their tagline was "Either You Win Or You Die." It should have been: "More Tits Than The 'Lord Of The Rings!'"


I've really got to create a list of the DVDs I own. I keep forgetting I have some series and nearly order them again. In the case of the first season of 'Taxi', that's exactly what did happen.


I'm doing pretty well [in my opinion] with adding more women to the "As Seen On TV" gallery for 2011. By my count, out of four months worth of pictures, I've got thirty featured so far, and that's not counting the multiple entries for Elizabeth Taylor or Mother Nature.

Granted, most of them come from 'Saturday Night Live', but what can you do?


In the Cornish seaside hamlet of Portwenn (as seen in 'Doc Martin'), the police station is numbered "23" on whatever street it's located.......


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