Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Singer and songwriter Phoebe Snow passed away today at the age of 60. She had suffered a brain hemorrhage in 2010. Ms. Snow was best known for her song "Poetry Man" which reached #5 on the charts back in 1974.

Ms. Snow appeared as herself on plenty of variety shows and talk shows and was a featured profile on 'CBS Sunday Morning', which told the tragic circumstances that followed the birth of her daughter in 1975. (My favorite appearance of hers on TV - singing "The Married Men" with Linda Ronstadt on 'Saturday Night Live' back in 1979.)  I'll feature a couple of videos from her TV appearances during the coming Video Weekend.

But Phoebe Snow also contributed a couple of Toobworld citizens as well.

In 1988, she played Rebecca, who may have been the host of a cable talk show on which 'Throb' employees Sandy and Meredith were asked to appear so that they could promote a self-help book which they had not even finished writing.
More than twenty years later, she appeared as Mrs. Schablansky, who appears to have been a teacher who caught Jackson Stewart cheating on an exam. (Jackson is the brother of Miley Stewart, AKA 'Hannah Montana'.)

As I'm always on the lookout for ways to "tidy up" Toobworld and combine various TV characters, I don't see any argument against why in those twenty years Rebecca could have left the low-paying world of local cable TV and become a teacher. Maybe it paid even less, but the rewards would have been greater.

She could already have had the last name of Schablansky, or she got married at some point after doing that cable talk show.

I'd like to think Mrs. Rebecca Schablansky lives on in Toobworld.....

Rest in peace, Phoebe Snow. Good night and may God bless.


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Anonymous said...

This is the type of thing I read your blog for. Everybody else is focused on her music career, her sad personal life, but you found an angle nobody else would cover.

By the way, that's a good thing!