Friday, April 29, 2011


I just wanted to share this picture of the Royal Wedding that was provided by Bob of the Facebook group "The High Council of Time Lords"......

I would have expected to see the Third Incarnation of the Doctor make an appearance in the congregation - that is, once he had control over the TARDIS again. After all, he was always dressed for such an occasion!

The Royal Wedding may well be the best reality TV for the year, certainly the most uplifting. And as it was with Charles and Diana, the wedding between William and Kate could one day be dramatized for a TV movie. (Let's hope that it won't be for the same reasons, however.)

Even if it isn't, there may well be some TV characters in the near future who will claim to have attended the ceremony in Westminster Abbey, along with Elton John and Victoria Beckham.

That sort of thing happens all the time in Toobworld, but usually in connection to tragic events. Even with catalogued lists of victims from the sinking of the Titanic, collapse of the World Trade Center, and the Oklahoma City bombing, fictional characters have been added to the rolls in Toobworld.

At least this would be a joyous occasion......

Here is a "Super Six List" of some other TV characters whom I think may have been in attendance at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge......

1] King Victor of Svardia ('Mission: Impossible')
When seen on TV, he was a boy king; he'd be in his mid-fifties now.

2] King Charles of Caronia ('Get Smart')
If he's still alive, and if he hadn't abdicated in favor of his first-born.....

3] The King of Suaria ('Columbo')
More than likely, he's a king in exile - if he wasn't executed by rebel forces......

4] Bruce Wayne ('Batman')
His charity foundations may have worked with some of the late Princess Diana's pet projects.....

5] Chief Superintendent Inspector Dirk of Scotland Yard ('Columbo')
He wouldn't have been there as a guest, but rather he came out of retirement to act as an advisor on the security detail.

6] Mickey Stone & Albert Stroller ('Hustle')
But even with all of the heightened security, these two con men could have made it in - Mickey could pass himself off as an African dignitary, and Albert as an old family friend of the Middletons - just so long as he avoided them in the congregation.


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