Thursday, April 28, 2011


The other day I pointed out that the most recent episode of 'Community' demonstrated how life during prime-time goes on, even though we don't see it happening on our TV screens.

In a way, the third and final episode of the CBS CIA comedic adventure series 'CHAOS' did the same thing.

At the end of the episode, we got to see scenes from the fourth episode ("Two Percent"), in which the ODS team would have gone to Hong Kong on an extraction mission that involved the former partner and lover of a team member.

But after the airing of that third episode, CBS cancelled the series.

That doesn't mean those characters no longer exist; that's not how Toobworld works. We have the documented proof that they went through all of that Hong Kong phooey, and there would still be plenty more missions down the line. We just won't be able to see them.

There are four episodes only listed in most episode guides to be found around the internets:

"Song Of The North"
"Love And Rockets"
"Two Percent"

Yet I keep finding pictures with references to an episode entitled "Eaten By Wolves". The main picture shows Rick, Michael, Billy, and Casey walking down a seedy alley in a "red light district"..... Maybe it could be part of the Hong Kong episode and "Eaten By Wolves" was the original title. Or maybe we have a fifth mission for the Clandestine Administration and Oversight Services team. (CAOS - hence the show's name)

With only three episodes actually broadcast, I doubt there'll be a call for fanfic about 'CHAOS', but hey, you never know. (I just hope we won't be seeing any slash-fic about it!) Not that it's fanfic per se, but I suppose somewhere down the line we'll have to consider the pozz'bility that one of the team members gets killed in the line of duty.

At any rate, since there were only three episodes aired, 'CHAOS' didn't have much of a chance to lay down any major Zonks which could have prevented them from remaining in Earth Prime-Time. As a separate division of the CIA, the team wouldn't clash with any other established TV characters working for the intelligence organization (as could be found in shows like 'Chuck' or 'Covert Affairs'. I'm not counting 'The Agency' because that took place in an alternate universe, which also included 'The District' and maybe 'Prison Break' and 'The Breakout Kings' as well.)

Even Director H.J. Higgins can co-exist with those in charge at the CIA in other shows. In the last episode aired, he did mention that he had "superiors" in the Agency. So more than likely his title of "Director" dealt only with the ODS department.

It wasn't a great show, but it made enjoyable TV viewing for me on a Saturday morning once I got home from work. And it featured a cast who were a pleasure to hang out with (especially Carmen Ejogo and Christina Cole!) but also James Murray, a favorite from 'Primeval'.
I'm sorry to see it go, but at least my Toobian faith reassures me that those characters live on...... LOL


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