Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I've got a feeling that 'The Defenders' will never see the dawn of a second season.  (They should never have appropriated that name; it brought a curse down on them!)

But before they rode off into the cathode sunset, the series got their official connection to the TV Universe, through a shout-out on that other Las Vegas crime drama.

One of my fellow "Extras" hunters, Artie from Howell, brought it to the attention of David Bianculli in his website "TV Worth Watching". (The link is to the left, my legal beagles!)

artie from howell said:
On the March 10th Episode of 'CSI', "Bombshells", one of the suspects
was implicated by a series of payments made to a legal firm. The name
of the legal firm was Morelli & Kaczmarek...the names of the partners
in the Jim Belushi/Jerry O'Connell CBS series, 'The Defenders'.

[Oh, that's a good one -- even if it melds a decent show to a bad one.
Thanks! - DB]


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Maggie Smith Furstein said...

Crap...we like this show!!!