Friday, April 8, 2011


'N.Y.P.D.' ~ 'Sex And The City'
A man named Tom Franklin was beaten to death by a Vietnam veteran on the stairwell in the building where Franklin's ex-wife now lived. Because of the circumstances, Detective Corso had to question Mrs. Franklin about her relationship with her ex-husband, since they divorced back in February of that year.

Nearly forty years later, Mrs. Franklin - whose first name was Joan - met Carrie Bradshaw at the Cafe Edison. She imparted the wisdom that comes with age and experience as she ate her ice cream laced with her prescription meds.

My thanks to fellow Iddiot Brian-El, for tracking down some of the pictures used for this post.  Whenever I don't have access to the Toobshots I need, there's always a member of Team Toobworld ready to come to my rescue!

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Brian Leonard said...

Disclaimer: I indeed tracked these frames down--from my goddaughter's Sex And The City DVDs. I have never personally seen a single episode of the show, and I believe I agree with the "guy's review" of SATC as seen on Letterman's show some years ago, where the guy in question watched for about 30 seconds and then tossed the TV out of the window.