Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Skitlandia, that alternate TV dimension consisting of comedy sketches, has its own alternate TV dimensions, just like the main Toobworld does. It has to when something like this happens in a comedy sketch!
With President Washington killed in 2011, the timeline of Skitlandia would have changed - creating a new reality. In the new timeline, America would have become a colony of the British Empire again.
This probably happened after the fledgling country was left in confusion and turmoil by the missing "Father Of Our Country". England took advantage of the situation and moved back in to wrest control over the colonies again.
That the military officer (Was he wearing an Iron Cross?) was able to recognize the fact that the country had been altered by the murder of George Washington means that he and the Congressional members implicated in the death - Senator Rand Paul, Representative Nancy Pelosi, and Speaker of the House John Boehner - were unaffected by the timeline shift. They remembered the world as it once was. This was probably due to their proximity to the time maching built by the Pentagon, in much the same way that Captain Kirk and his landing party were unaffected by the drastic change to the timeline of the universe created by Doctor McCoy when he passed through the gateway of the Guardian of Forever. A lot o' thunkin' goin' on, just for a five minute sketch on 'Saturday Night Live'. O'Bsessed with the Toobworld Dynamic? Who, me?

Happy Washington's Birthday? BCnU!


Andy said...

It's not an Iron Cross, it's a marksmanship badge.

Toby O'B said...

Thanks, Andy! I just figured they rummaged through the prop room and slapped it all together.