Sunday, January 9, 2011


Now this definitely IS a crossover between 'EastEnders' and 'Coronation Street'!

"East Street" was a segment which aired during the 2010 "Children In Need" telethon back in November. Characters from both shows crossed over into each other's territory and found common interests. At at the end, two of the characters found out they had a LOT more in common than they ever imagined.....

So it is a crossover, but my question is this: Can we accept this as having happened in Earth Prime-Time, or did it happen in some alternate TV dimension? Skitlandia, perhaps?

Up until that big revelation at the end, I was convinced there was nothing stopping me from accepting it into the main Toobworld. And even if the genetic bond between those two women was never discussed again on either show, that wouldn't be a sign that it never actually happened. It would just mean that it was all splained away to everyone's satisfaction off-screen where the Trueniverse audience had no chance to see it. And it would probably have been a mutual agreement never to discuss it again.

Yet I wasn't convinced enough to have included it in the latest presentation of the Toobits Awards as any officially recognized contender for a Crossover award.

I'm still willing to accept this as a bona fide link between 'Coronation Street' and 'EastEnders'. But I'm open to any arguments that could convince me otherwise......

If any viewers of both shows happen to be reading this, what do you think?


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Rob said...

I'm not too familiar with either show. I tried watching them when I was in Korea, but they couldn't keep my interest. But this video does seem like it could easily fit as a crossover in Toob World. Sure, it's written tongue in cheek and the relationship revelation is probably never going to be mentioned again, but it's not the first time a drama did something tongue in cheek that still worked in continuity, and it's not the first time a show had a major revelation that was never discussed ever again.