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If you read Inner Toob on a regular basis, you know I go off on those end of the year/award show memorial tributes to those who died during the previous year. No matter what the category - movies, TV, theatre - they always seem to omit somebody who made an important contribution. And I always vow to do a better job of it with my Hat Squad tribute at the beginning of each year for those who made contributions to the TV Universe.

Apparently, I failed this year.

The other day, Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. had a list of names he omitted over the year at his "Thrilling Day Of Yesteryear" blog. (Link to the left, grim reapers!) And there were so many that I missed; especially a few who were big shocks that I never noticed their passings - Ann Prentiss, Sandy Kenyon, and David Froman.

So I'm going to add those missing names to the official list. But since most of my regular readers have already looked through it and moved on, I felt these people deserved the chance to be recognized.....

Beverly Aadland ('The Red Skelton Show')

Ann Prentiss ('Captain Nice')

Mark Jones ('Germinal')

David Froman ('Matlock' & 'Edge Of Night')

George Waring ('Coronation Street')

Sandy Kenyon ('Crunch & Des')

Robin Davies ('And Mother Makes Three'/'Five')

Richard Devon ('Yancy Derringer')

Richard Wyler ('The Man From Interpol')

Carol Marsh ('Marked Personal', 'Lord Raingo')

Lisle Wilson ('That's My Mama')

David J. Steinberg ('Zoey 101', "Willow")

Bill McIntyre ('Newhart', 'Murphy Brown')

Claiborne Cary ('Boston Common', 'Law & Order', Cloris Leachman's sister)

Roland MacLeod ('Coronation Street')

Lori Martin ('National Velvet')

Sid Conrad ('The Young & The Restless')

Bunny Summers ('True Colors', 'The Facts Of Life')

Olga C. Nardone (member of The Lullaby League in "The Wizard Of Oz")

Kenny Marino ('The Black Donnellys')

Margaret Gwenver ('Guiding Light')

Gerard Kelly ('Juliet Bravo')

Michelle Nicastro ('The Tony Danza Show', 'Dragnet', voice actress)

Willis Burks II ('CSI', 'Law & Order', 'Everybody Hates Chris')

Ted Sorel ('Guiding Light')

Chane't Johnson ('LAX', 'Life')

Tracy Wright ('Northern Town', 'It's Me Gerald', 'Slings & Arrows')

Gordon Mulholland ('The Villagers')

Tab Baker ('Prison Break')

Jimmy Gardner ('A Moment In Time', 'Doctor Who')

Babz Chula ("The X-Files: I Want To Believe")

Phyllis Hodges ('Star Trek')

Barbara New ('You Rang, M'Lord?', 'Oh, Doctor Beeching!')

Eugenia Paul ('Zorro')

Pat Stevens ('M*A*S*H')

David Ellison ('Juliet Bravo')

Phil Gordon (actor in Paul Hennings' rural comedies)

Nancy Dolman ('Soap', wife of Martin Short)

James Deuter ('Early Edition')

Victoria Longley ('Wildside')

William Webber (Pennsylvania kids' show host Wee Willie)

Morgan White (Hawaiian kids' show host Pogo Poge)

Kip King (comic, father of Chris Kattan, 'Bollywood Hero')

Jayne Walton (Lawrence Welk's "Champagne Lady")

Natalie Nevins (Lawrence Welk singer)

James J. Kilpatrick, ('Agronsky & Co.', '60 Minutes' - "Point/Counterpoint")

Ernie Harwell (WJR sportscaster for Detroit Tigers)

David Giles ("The Mayor Of Casterbridge")

Douglas Argent ('Steptoe & Son')

Joseph Stein ('Your Show Of Shows')

Mervyn Haisman

Alan Plater ('Selwyn')

Alvin Boretz ('Playhouse 90', 'The Defenders')

Katherine Reback ('One Day At A Time')

Eric Friewald ('The Young & The Restless', 'Maverick')

Furio Scarpelli ('FBI - Francesco Bertolazzi Investigatore')

Myle Wilder ('McHale's Navy', 'Get Smart')

Alex Jones ('Futurama')

Alan Hume ('The Avengers')

Tony Imi ("Sakharov", "Pope John Paul II", "The Return Of Sherlock Holmes")

Gene Polito ('Lost In Space')

Bill Littlejohn (The Charlie Brown specials)

Shirley Silvey (Jay Ward productions)

Rudy Larriva ('The Twilight Zone' credits)

Tom Ray ('Tom & Jerry')

Sam Menning (actor/photographer)

Gary Brockett (actor/assistant director)

Robert Fitzpatrick (actor/manager)

Ina Claire (singer, appeared on 'EastEnders')

Kenji Shubaya (wrestler/actor, 'Kung Fu')

Irwin Baker (comic/writer, 'This Hour Has 22 Minutes')

Peter Romero (art director, 'The Waltons')

Michael Adams (stuntman)

I need to ask Ivan what his source is!

Good night and may God bless......

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