Tuesday, January 11, 2011


When the "Bad News" episode of 'How I Met Your Mother' was doing its countdown, there was a scene where Marshall's father was standing outside the bathroom door while Marshall was inside trying to masturbate into a cup. (It wasn't for pleasure, but to have a sample to be tested by the fertility specialist.)

Marshall's father was exhorting how great Minnesota Vikings kicker Fred Cox was, at one point chanting "Cox! Cox! Cox!" - which certainly didn't bring up the appropriate mental images to get Marshall in the mood.

That moment came (Sorry about that, Chief!) during the countdown between the numbers "17" & "16" and number "15": But the producers might have saved themselves the trouble of depicting the number "14" had they inserted that scene after the scene with the cereal box. And that's because Marvin Erikson, Sr. was invoking the memory of the legendary Number 14 in Viking history. It wouldn't have been the only time they used a different way to depict a number in the countdown rather than just showing it. For "5", Barney and Marshall shared a "Motility High Five".

Of course, had they done so, it would have screwed up the countdown, since "14" had been teamed up with the number "13" to form the apartment number of Sandy Rivers. It was bad enough using "1413" since "13" is supposedly an architectural no-no because of bad luck. "13" alone would have never been accepted as the apartment number.


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